Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ok, so when it comes to rhythm, I'm white like Wonderbread and have NONE... at. all. As much as I want to try Zumba, I'm not keen on making a fool of myself by jiggling my post-pregnancy belly in front of people who are more rhythmic and more in shape, than I am.

Yesterday, I googled "Zumba Free Video" and came across these two videos someone posted on Cafe Mom. I tried them both and actually had fun working out! Once I get the moves down, I may actually venture out and do this with a group... maybe. :)

This one is the 60 min Zumba Basics workout. It's basically an instructional video and breaks down each step. Trust me, this one is still a workout:

Once you've gotten the moves down, here's the REAL Zumba workout.


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