Monday, December 13, 2010

25% off plus FREE SHIPPING at Lids

You know those guys who have a baseball cap to match every outfit? Yeah, me too- I'm married to one. I swear my husband has at least 40 hats stored under our bed right now. They're also scattered all over the house. He brings home a new one and we go through the same routine:

Hubby: Hey, babe. What do you think of my new hat?
Me: Wait. Don't you already have that one?
Hubby: No, this is this year's halfway-through-the-season-only-on-Monday-night-football sideline hat
Me: Really? It looks just like the last one you got.
Hubby: Honey, this is completely different. Are you even LOOKING at the hat?

Anyway, my point is that he's a hat guy. If you've got a hat guy in your life, you'll want to check out this ONE DAY ONLY deal.

Lids is offering 25% off your order as well as FREE SHIPPING. You need to enter the code 25LIDS at checkout. Click here to fulfill your hat guy's Christmas wishes.

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