Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rite Aid & CVS Match-ups, 5/15-5/21

As you may know, I'm expecting baby #3 in a few weeks. In an effort to get a few things off of my plate without sacrificing savings for all of you, I'm going to start referring you to another site for the Rite Aid matchups. I'd love to continue doing them myself, but I believe you would all benefit more from having them available earlier in the week than I'm able to get them done.

I recommend using Southern Savers for the Rite Aid match-ups (and CVS match-ups). The format is similar to what you're used to over here, but she is able to get the ads done a few days before they're "live."

Click here to view the Rite Aid Match-Ups
Click here to view the CVS Match-Ups

WARNING: The Walgreen's match-ups on that site are national matchups. For some reason, NYC gets a different Walgreen's ad. I'm still going to be doing the local Walgreen's matchups for all of you.


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