Friday, May 6, 2011

FREE Hershey's Kisses at Pathmark & Waldbaum's this weekend!

Pathmark and Waldbaum's have a printable coupon for FREE Hershey's Kisses this weekend with a $10 purchase. Make sure that you hand them this coupon before all of your other coupons just in case your total is less than $10 after coupons.

Click here for the Pathmark coupon.
Click here for the Waldbaum's coupon.


  1. The Waldbaum's that I went to didn't have the size that matched the coupon, even though I went on Friday. They also didn't double two of my coupons: The coupons were $1 off of 2 Manischewitz soups (which were $1.29 each). They took only $1.29 off, instead of $2, apparently since they applied it to only one of the cans. I bought 4 cans, expecting that I would get $2 off twice.

  2. BTW, my first sentence (above) refers to not matching the size of the Hershey's Kisses.


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