Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day, and I'm about to earn ANOTHER $5 Gift Card!

I'm 40 Swagbucks away from ANOTHER $5 Amazon gift card. That's $15 so far in February just for doing my normal internet searches!!!

Do you Swag? It's a free, online search engine powered by Google and that gives you points (called Swagbucks) for your normal internet searches. Points can then be redeemed for online goodies. I usually redeem mine for $5 gift cards since they're only 450 Swagbucks.

On Fridays, the Swagbucks are higher and you get 30 just for signing up. Also, since it's Swagbuck's 3rd Birthday this week, they'll give you an additional 50 Swagbucks at signup if you use the promo code: BirthdayClip. I average about 20-50 Swagbucks per day from my searches. I also have the toolbar installed on my browser so that I not only remember to search using Swagbucks, but I also earn 1 Swagbuck per day for having the toolbar.

I have a blogging friend who actually entirely paid for her kid's Christmas last year with gift cards earned from Swagbucks. My goal is to pay for most of my kid's Christmas this year with gift cards earned from Swagbucks.

This is a great way to earn FREE prizes and money (you can choose Paypal or many other things instead of Amazon gift cards if you want). You really have nothing to lose, and since they're giving away Swagbucks like crazy for their birthday this week, it's the best time all year to sign up.


  1. I signed up, but forgot to put in the promo code :( Oh well...I still have 30 swagbucks. Thanks!

  2. You can earn the 50 in less than a day. However, if you have another email address, you could sign up with that one. You only need the email address when you log in (and even then you can use your swagbucks name).


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