Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Build A Dream Playhouses Review & Giveaway (ends 4/30).

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Sue Park for winning a Build a Dream Playhouses playhouse.

It's rare when a product comes on the market that gets me this excited, but I absolutely love the concept of Build A Dream Playhouses. I remember being a kid and getting to play with the "big boxes" when my parents bought a new refrigerator or washing machine. My sisters and I would pretend they were buses, secret hideaways, school houses, and anything else our overly-active imaginations could come up with. Build a Dream Playhouses has taken that childhood imagination and brought it to life.

Build a Dream Playhouses makes a variety of play spaces from corrugated cardboard including kitchens, rocketships, cars, castles, vending trucks and snack stands. When you receive the product, it's flat and white. Your child gets to draw/paint/color their playhouse to suit their own tastes and really make their imagination come to life. You can click here to view all of their awesome playhouses on their website.

In NYC, space is at a premium, and large, permanent play structures are something that most families don't have room for. That's why I'm in love with the Pop N' Play Kitchen and the Pop N' Play Castle in particular. Both of these items expand from a flat object to their full size in seconds and can be stored flat and out of the way when not in use.

All of their products are reasonably priced,  easy to assemble (they have videos on their website for each playhouse!), and made from 80% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

Our Review
Build A Dream Playhouses generously sent us a Pop N' Play Castle to review and it was delivered to the house the day before Easter (can you say "perfect timing"?). After the kiddos went to bed Saturday night, I told Mr. Bargainista that it was time to set it up. He gave me one of those "really, Hannah? right now? It's late and it's going to take forever!" looks. I was so excited when it literally took us 30 seconds to set up. It actually took longer to get the tape of off the box than to assemble the castle itself.

The Pop N' Play castle was the hit of Easter morning at our house. My two year old son immediately noticed the pass through and the drawbridge and began crawling back and forth through the castle... until we heard the scream. "Mom! There's a troll under the bridge," he yelled. My three year old daughter came to the rescue... with her breakfast... and began feeding the troll biscuits, sausage, oranges, and pineapples so that he would allow them to cross the bridge. They spent the better part of an hour battling the troll while hubby and I sat back and smiled. Toy success!

The castle seems to be holding up really well, despite that my son loves to run into it at top speed just to watch it fall. I've even put it away and taken it back out a couple of times since Sunday to see how it holds up to folding and unfolding. It's just as sturdy as when we first set it up.

This is a product I would definitely recommend to anyone with kids. Since they start at less than $40, some of the items would even make great, unique birthday gifts. We're planning on purchasing a second Build a Dream Playhouses product when baby #3 arrives in late July. It will be the perfect way to keep the older two busy during those first few rough weeks.

Would you like a playhouse of your own? You can either purchase the playhouses on their website, or, you can win one below...

If you'd like even more opportunities to win, you can also enter to win Build a Dream Playhouses at Must Love Coupons.


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