Thursday, August 25, 2011

$25 gift card for only $2

It's that time again! gift certificates are down to 80% off again. I know that they do this about once per month or so, but I've FINALLY figured out the system. The best restaurant gift cards go super quickly when they're at this price (a $25 gift card for only $2).

If you want those great gift cards at the great price, here's what you do... You purchase a gift card today (not a specific restaurant, just to their website in general). You can get any denomination you want, but I recommend getting the $100 gift card for only $8. They usually re-stock with the best gift cards the day after the 80% off sale ends.

Then, a few minutes before you're ready to go out to dinner, use your credit to purchase a gift certificate to a restaurant. If the 80% off sale is over, you'll have more options, plus this way you get to choose your cuisine based on your appetite, not on your existing gift certificates.

Click here to check out the participating restaurants in your area. You'll need to enter the code TASTY  at checkout to receive the discount.

If you'd like to save even more, you can go through EBATES first and get 15% cash back on your purchase. New EBATES members will also receive $5 when they make their first purchase using EBATES.


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  2. I just purchased my first gift certificate for Mama Raos. What is everyones review of Are restaurants friendly about using gift certificates?


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