Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stop & Shop Policies That Make Smile

I've never been to a Stop & Shop, but I'm SUPER EXCITED about the potential of adding them to the website. Here are the 3 reasons that I'll probably drive from Bay Ridge to Coney Island or Flatbush Ave. every week to do my grocery shopping (if Stop & Shop wins the poll on the right).

1. Manufacturer's coupons (up to 99¢) are doubled!!!!!

2. They give you 5¢ off of your grocery bill for every re-usable shopping bag you use on your grocery trip.

3. Manufacturer's coupons (up to 99¢) are doubled!!!!! Yes, I know I typed it twice, but this is AWESOME! For example, this week Perdue Short Cuts Grilled Chicken Strips are on sale for $3.99/pkg. There is a printable coupon available for 75¢/1. This coupon doubles (since it's less than $1) and your total out of pocket cost for the $3.99 Chicken Strips is only $2.49. This was the first example I found, but I have a feeling that this double coupon wonderfulness is going to make for some free groceries.

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