Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Facebook Giveaways/Promotions

I spent most of the day yesterday in airports with my two kids (one is almost 2 and the other just turned 3). It was exhausting, but I'm SO happy to be back in NY (ok, minus the snow- especially since we've spent most of the past month in Florida). Anywho, I need to play catch up on the items I wasn't able to post yesterday, so here's a mass post of FB freebies and giveaways.

If you don't have a FB account, you may want to sign up for one. Use a fake name if you don't really want the account. Manufacturers put their TOP coupons and BEST giveaways on FB. Just last week, I won a year's supply of Veggie Patch products, a cookbook, and a Flip Digital Video Camera. I'm hoping that the Veggie Patch products are in the form of coupons so that I can share with you. February is going to be giveaway month on Brooklyn Bargainista. :)

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Today we want to say Grazie to our 1,000,000+ fans! For the next 10 days, we want to recognize our Facebook Family with a chance to win a special prize. Click over to the "1,000,000 Fans" tab at and enter EVERY DAY to win a gift card and Olive Garden salad dressing!

Downy is giving away FREE sets of sheets and t-shirts to promote Macys and comedian

 Mike Birbiglia. You really need to be a FB junkie to get this one. They don't always announce the time of the giveaway. Just watch their status updates and be one of the first to click the link to win.

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam Giveaway begins today at 12pm EST. We will be giving away 25,000 boxes, so please stay tuned!

Tide Clean clothes start with a clean washer. We'll be giving away 5000 Tide Washing Machine Cleaner packets tomorrow at 2pm Eastern Standard Time! Watch our status updates for the link.

LeapFrog Your “Like” is Book-Worthy! If you’re not already a fan of LeapFrog, just “Like” our page and a Kindergarten class gets a new book. It’s that simple! If you already like us (Thanks! We think you’re pretty swell, too!)…then share the news with a friend, and we’ll keep sending the books, up to 50,000. With your help, we’ll give the gift of reading to classrooms across America. See our “Gift” tab above for more info.

Community® Coffee Coupon for $2 off any bag of Community Coffee

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