Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Jello Jigglers Football Mold... Delivered by Feb 5th

Ok, so I wasn't planning on having anyone over to watch the big game, but then I saw this freebie...

Right now on, you can register for a free Jello Jigglers Football Mold. (It's not an actual printable coupon- you just enter your mailing info. I clicked on "household" and found it on page 3.) They are promising to have the molds to your door by Feb 5th (I believe the big game is the 6th). The actual mold you will receive is pictured below. Kraft Foods is currently updating their website to give us instructions on how to make two-toned helmets to match the real teams in the game. If you're not into Jello, these would make great ice molds or candy molds as well.

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