Monday, December 13, 2010

Free Holiday Cards still available!

Yeah, I haven't done mine either (working on them now!). I'm going through ebates to get 12% cash back on my purchase. New ebates members also get $5 for signing up, so that would cover your shipping charge. is running the best deal on Christmas cards I've ever seen. If you don't need Christmas cards, consider doing birthday party invitations for one of your kids.

Get 60 4×8 photo cards for $4.80 + tax with Free Shipping!
To get the deal:
2.  Create a 4×8 flat photo card.
3.  Order 60 cards
4.  Enter code 50cards at checkout.

If you only get 50 cards, the cards are FREE, but you have to pay $4.99 for shipping. If you order 60 cards, you have to pay $4.80 for the additional cards, but your shipping is FREE. So either way you go, you're going to spend around $5 (which you can get back through ebates), but I'd choose the 10 extra cards if I were you.

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