Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Guys Ad, Wed 12/29-Monday 1/3

Below is this week's 3 Guys Ad. I hope the streets clear between my house and 3 Guys this week. My kids have gone crazy for clementines (my daughter eats 5/day!!!), and I'm too frugal (and too intelligent) to spend $7/box for them at the grocery store. In addition to the items listed below, they also usually have the best prices around on milk, eggs, and OJ. Head over there just once (they're 4 blks from the Ft. Hamilton station on the N train) and you will NEVER buy produce in the grocery store again. It's the freshest produce at the lowest price.

The following 3 Guys coupons came in the ValPak mailer the first week of December. They were also in the mailers in October and November, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they put them in the January mailer as well.

  • Senior Citizens get a 5% discount on Tuesdays (no coupon necessary)
  • Coupon #1: Free 3 Guys XL Dozen eggs (these are approx $1, so use your other coupons first)
  • Coupon #2: $3 off any purchase of $25 or more
  • Coupon #3: $5 off any purchase of $50 or more

Hard Ripe Plum Tomatoes, $0.59/lb

Ripe Swet Cantaloupes, $0.69ea

Sno White Cauliflower, $0.99ea

Sunkist Seedless Naval Oranges, 11 for $0.18ea

California Iceberg Lettuce, $0.50ea

Large & Juicy Lemons, $0.17ea

Jumbo Green Peppers, $0.49/lb

Imported Clementines 3lb Bag, $2.99

Morning Fresh White Bread 22oz Giant Loaf, $0.99

Campagna Pasta Imported from Italy, $0.89

Mr. Garden Gherkins 48oz Jar, $1.99

Setton Farms Jumbo Pistachios, $4.99/lb

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