Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's cherry season and we just got our first cherry pitter!!!

I'm so excited that it's cherry season. I didn't really grow up eating cherries (unless they were in the little metal fruit cups), but I'm in love with them as an adult. Lately, cherry prices have been lower than grape prices, so I've been buying them for the kids instead. It was a pain to get around the pits and make them child-friendly, so I started researching cherry pitters.

I ordered this super-cute one on Amazon a couple of days ago and it arrived yesterday. It's pretty kid-safe. You just stick the cherry in the little guy's mouth and press his head down. You end up with a container of pits and a bunch of cherries with cute little holes in them. I've been helping the kids use it and it's really a fun way to get them in the kitchen. You can view all of the details here.

If you're looking for other inspiration to get your kids in the kitchen, a friend of mine writes a blog about her two daughters (the oldest is 3) and what they cook each day. It's called In the Kitchen with Audrey and has really motivated me to allow my kids to help out while I'm cooking.

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  1. And we love to cook your fabulous Fauxfredo recipe. Putting together a summer menu now and it is in heavy rotation!


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