Thursday, May 12, 2011

I just got a FREE one-year subscription to Weight Watcher's Magazine!!!

Mamapedia is having a deal today on a one-year subcription of Weight Watcher's Magazine. It's on sale for $10, but I got it free with my credits. I'm not sure if they're still giving out the $10 sign-up bonus, but if they are, you can get it for free too. Click here to check what your price would be.

Weight Watcher's magazine is usually full of coupons for HEALTHY foods. Here are some of the coupons that were in the May issue of the magazine:
  • .75/2 Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy pasta sauce w/ Omega3, May Weight Watchers magazine
  • .55/1 Daisy cottage cheese, May Weight Watchers magazine
  • $1 off Weight Watchers (5) yogurt cups 6 oz or (2) 32 oz multipk, May Weight Watchers magazine
  • $1 off Crab or Lobster Classic product, May Weight Watchers magazine
I've lost about 100lbs on Weight Watchers and have managed to keep it off through 2 pregnancies. I'm on pregnancy #3 now and with 8.5 weeks to go, I'm smaller than I was in high school. I SWEAR by WW programs and products!

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