Saturday, April 23, 2011

Watch your Rite Aid Video Values TONIGHT.

Today is the last day to watch the current Rite Aid Video Values. If you're new to couponing at Rite Aid, here's some information on their Video Values program.

What are Video Values?
They're short videos (usually less than one minute each) on Rite Aid's website. Each video you watch earns you a coupon. Since almost all of the Video Values (VV) coupons are store coupons, they can be used alongside a manufacturer's coupon for additional savings. Using a store coupon and manufacturer's coupon together is called "stacking."

When do they expire?
They usually don't expire until the end of the month after you watch them. So, if you watched one of the videos at the beginning of March, the coupon won't expire until the end of April. Each coupon has the date on it.

Do I have to print them all now?
Nope! That's one of the best features of VVs. You'll need to create a username and password on the website to watch the videos. Rite Aid remembers which videos you've already watched and will hold the coupons on the site for you. You just need to print them out when you're ready to use them.

Are there any other perks to using VVs?
Yes! Occassionally, you get extra savings for watching the videos. For instance, I just got a coupon for $2 off my purchase of $10 or more for watching all of the videos in the "household" section of the website.

When will new videos be released?
They'll be released at the beginning of May, if not sooner (possibly tomorrow). Your coupons for this month's videos won't expire when the videos are taken down. Today is just the last day to WATCH the videos. If you're bored tomorrow, you may be able to go ahead and watch all of the new videos so that you'll already have all of the new VV coupons "in the bank" on Rite Aid's website.

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