Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TEN Facebook Freebies Today (4/13)

There are TEN known giveaways on Facebook today. If I hear of any others prior to them starting, I'll update this post.

1. Scrubbing Bubbles: They haven't announced a time yet. They acutally haven't said that they're doing a giveaway, but this was their recent status message:
We think “13” gets a bad rap and we plan to change that this month. Keep an eye on our wall on this lucky day and you just might get some freebies! 
The Scrubbing Bubbles giveaway is over. They gave away 200 free shower packs and they were all gone in less than 2 minutes!
2. The Skinny Cow: 12pm EST
Don't forget! Tomorrow's the day! Check back on my Facebook page at 12pm ET and the first 700 people to sign up on my "Surprise" tab will get a special Skinny delivery. So, don't dilly dally. Only the first 700 will get it!
The Skinny Cow giveaway has ended. I was lucky enough to be one of the 700. I hope some of you got it too!
3. Seattle's Best Coffee: Free Samples starting at 1pm EST. 
We're going to put your laugh lines to the test! RSVP for the Declare Your Level Show, a 24-hour live coffee and comedy extravaganza this Wednesday, featuring the world-famous improv troupe from Second City Communications! Beginning at 1:00 EST, get a free sample of our Levels coffee and a bazillion free laughs. Click the link below and watch our video that explains it all: http://on.fb.me/hYDns3
4. Tampico Spices: It's rumored that their FREE SAMPLE tab will open back up today. 
5. Garnier Fructis: It's rumored that their FREE SAMPLE tab will also open back up today.
6. Jarlsberg Cheese: Reusable grilled cheese toaster sleeve. You can get this one at anytime. It's not a today-only deal, but I'd go ahead and grab one if you want it. I'm sure that the supplies are limited.
7. EcoFoil: They're giving away a free sample of their foil baking pans sometime today too! (thanks, Shore Savings with Patti)
This giveaway is actually for an entry into a drawing to win an iPad2. As far as I know, the giveaway is still open.

8. Degree Women: Free Deodorant at 1pm today.
9. Coastal Contacts: Giving away another 10,000 pairs of glasses today. This started at 12pm EST, but it will probably last 3-4 hours. 
10: Bare Necessities: This one is unconfirmed, but this was their latest FB status: Something very exciting is coming your way! Stay tuned everyone ;-)

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