Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 Guys from Brooklyn Weekly Ad: Includes Passover Specials

Here's this week's Three Guys from Brooklyn ad. One look at their ad will tell you why I won't shop anywhere else for my produce. If you are a local Brooklyn Bargainista reader and you haven't been to Three Guys yet, you're seriously missing out.

In addition to the great prices in their ad, I can tell you from experience that you'll always find the best (non-coupon) price on milk, eggs, bread and OJ at Three Guys. They've got almost an entire aisle devoted to nuts and another to fresh breads, but I'm in love with their olive bar and cheese selection.

For those of you checking out the site on your phones, here's the list of deals:

  • Jumbo California Romaine Lettuce, 2 for $1 (.50¢ each)
  • Sunkist Naval Oranges, 12 for $2 (.16¢ each)
  • California Celery, .39¢ each
  • Washington State Red Delicious Apples, .59¢/lb
  • Extra Fancy Green Squash, .59¢/lb
  • Golden Seedless Grapes, .89¢/lb
  • Real Idaho Potatoes 5lb bag, .99¢
  • California Seedless Celmentines 3lb bag, $2.99
  • Friendship Sour Cream, $1.50
  • Farm's Creamery Whippped Cream Cheese, $1.50
  • Breakstone's Whipped Buter 8oz, $1.99
  • Nature's Own Apple Juice 64oz, $1.99

Passover Specials
  • Jumbo Juicy Lemons box of 75, $18.99
  • Best Health Seltzer- case of 12 1L bottles, $5.99
  • Jumbo Spanish Onions 50lb bag, $11.99 (.23¢/lb!)
  • Sunkist Naval Oranges box of 113, $15.99
  • They also have certified for Passover nuts, fruits, and cheeses

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