Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stop & Shop and Three Guys Trip, 3/1/11 (and Rite Aid from 2/28)

We really didn't need anything other than bread, milk, and some fruit at the grocery store this week, but I had some coupons that were about to expire and there were deals that were too good to pass up.

Stop & Shop
1 box MultiGrain Cheerios
1 box Original Cheerios
3 boxes Cinnamon Burst Cheerios
6 Hamburger Helpers*
4 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes*
2 loaves whole wheat bread
2 Simply Orange Juices
1 twin pack Land O Lakes butter
2 cans Hunts Pasta Sauce
1 jar Yeast
1 store brand Pam spray
10 Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt
2 dozen eggs
2 2L Sprite Zero
5 2L Coke Zero
1 2L Cherry Coke Zero
1 Chi-Chi's Enchilada-sized tortillas
Total before savings and coupons: $107.38
Total spent: $51.82
* I haven't bought Hamburger Helper since my college days. However, I was offered an incentive by General Mills and Box Tops for Education. If I purchased 10 items on their list (Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker Cookie Mix were on the list), they'd send me a $10 Visa gift card by mail. Well, Stop & Shop has a deal running this week where they'll give you a FREE gallon of milk wyb 6 Hamburger Helpers. So, after you factor in the gift card I'm getting, the total cost for 4 pouches of cookie mix, 6 Hamburger Helpers, and a gallon of milk will only be 0.80¢!!!!!

Three Guys
3 lbs onions
5 lbs potatoes
5 lb box Clementines
2 lbs strawberries
2.64 lbs bananas (the kids ate 2 of them before I could take the pic)
3.54 lbs seedless red grapes
Total spent: $19.76

Rite Aid
I sent my hubby to Rite Aid last night to take advantage of some freebies. He came home with:
10 Nivea Lip Balms
2 Gillette Pro Fusion Power Razors
2 Arm & Hammer 50oz Laundry Detergents
1 bag Halls Cough Drops
1 Rite Aid Day Cream (Olay Regenerist Knockoff)
1 Rite Aid Night Cream (Olay Regenerist Knockoff)
Total Before Coupons: $57.30
Total Spent: $11.22

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