Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great deal still available: Get a photo magnet for only $1 shipped!

Just bumping this up to the top....

I love this offer!!! Kodak Gallery is offering a FREE photo magnet to all new members. You will just have to pay $1 for shipping and handling. I already have a Kodak Gallery account, but I'm signing up for another one (with a different email address) just to take advantage of this. 

If you've never used Kodak Gallery, here's a quick rundown. You basically upload your photos to their site. From the Kodak Gallery website, you can share them (in high resolution form) with anyone, either via email or through a social networking site like Facebook. You (and anyone you share photos with) can order prints online and have them either delivered to their home for a small shipping fee, or you can pick them up at most drugstores or Target stores.

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