Sunday, February 20, 2011

Foodtown Weekly Ad, 2/18-2/24

Below is this week's Foodtown ad. The Easy to Eat Well section is full of foods that are either natural or organic. Contrary to popular belief, you can eat healthy foods and still use coupons. Just see the list below.

Easy to Eat Well

Simply Asia Noodle Bowls, $1.39
.50¢/1 Simply Asia product, printable
(makes it .89¢)

Barbara's Puffins Cereal, $2.99
B1G1 Free Barbara's Cereal, printable
(makes it $1.50)

Pacific Natural Pizza, $3.49
$3/3 Pacific Naturals Pizza, printable
(makes it $2.49)

Earth's Best Organic Sesame Street Mini Waffles, $3
$1/2 Earth's Best Sesame Street product, printable
(makes it $2.50)

Nasoya Tofu, $2.50
$1.50/2 Nasoya proucts, printable
(makes it $1.75)

Lightlife Smart Deli products, $1.99
$1/1 Lightlife product, SS 1/02
(makes it .99¢)

Murray's Split Chicken Breasts, $3.69/lb
.50¢/1 Murray's Chicken, printable
(makes it $3.19/lb)

Arrowhead Mills Organic Cereal, $1.49
$1/1 Arrowhead Mills product, printable
(makes it .49¢)

RW Knudson Juices, $2.49-$2.99
.75¢/1 RW Knudson Juice, printable
(makes it $1.74)

Garden of Eatin Tortilla Chips, $2.19
$1/1 Garden of Eatin' Chips, printableprintable
(makes it $1.19)

Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap, $3.49
$1/1 Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning product, printable
(makes it $2.49)

Santa Cruz Organic Sparklers Juice, $3.49
.75¢/1 Santa Cruz Sparklers, printable
(makes it $2.74)

Good Health Avacado Chips, $1.79

Greenpoint Deals

Heinz Ketchup 20oz, .99¢ w/300 GPs (limit 2)

Apple Dandy Apple Juice 64oz, .99¢ w/300 GPs (limit 2)

Breyer's Ice Cream, $3 w/300 GPs (limit 2)

Foodtown White Bread, .49¢ w/300 GPs (limit 2)

Duncan Hines Cake or Brownie Mix, .49¢ w/500 GPs (limit 2)
.50¢/1 Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, printable
(makes it FREE)

Nabisco Oreo Cookies, .99¢ w/750 GPs (limit 2)
$1/2 Oreo Cookies, printable
(Makes it .50¢. They're $1 all day long at Rite Aid this week (w/ coupons). You might want to save your GPs)

Foodtown Cranberry Juice Cocktail, .99¢ w/750 GPs

Coke or Pepsi 12pk, $2.99 w/1,000 GPs
(these are cheaper at Rite Aid this week)

Idaho Baking Potatoes 5LB bag, .49¢ w/500 GPs


Tyson or Foodtown Bacon 1LB, $2.99

Beef Bottom Round Roast, $2.49/lb

Perdue Whole Chickens, .99¢/lb

Butterball 6oz Turkey Bacon, $1.50
.50¢/1 Butterball Turkey Bacon, March All You magazine
.55¢/1 Butterball Product, SS 1/16
(makes it .95¢)

Bar-S Chicken or Turkey Franks, $1.50
$1/2 Bar-S products, printable
(makes it $1)

Shadybrook Farms Ground Turkey 85% lean 3LB pkg, $8.99
(makes it $3/lb)

Refrigerated Items

Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt Cups, .60¢
$1/5 Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt Cups, SS 2/6
(makes it .40¢ each)

Dannon Activia Yogurt 4pks, $2
$1/1 Dannon Activia, SS 1/9
(makes it $1)

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, $1.66
$1/2 Grands! Biscuits, printable
(makes it $1.16)

Philadelphia Cooking Creme, $2.99
$1.50/1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme, printable
(makes it $1.49)

Nestle Toll House Break Apart Cookie Dough, $2.99
$1/1 Nestle Toll House, printable
(makes it $1.99)

Bailey's Coffee Creamer, $2.50
$1/1 Bailey's Coffee Creamer, printable
(makes it $1.50)

Almond Breeze Milk 84oz, $3.50
.55¢/1 Almond Breeze Milk, SS 1/30
(makes it $2.95)

EarthWise Fruit Beverages, $2
$1/2 EarthWise, SS 1/23
(makes it $1.50)

Foodtown Light Yogurt, .50¢

Frozen Items

Foodtown Frozen Boxed Veggies, $1

Foodtown 16oz Sliced Strawberries, $2.50

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Novelties, $4.59
$1/1 Skinny Cow Cookies & Cream Truffle Bars, printable
(makes it $3.59)

General Grocery

Doritos, $1.99
FREE 2L Pepsi Max wyb Doritos, printable

Honey Nut Cheerios or Golden Grahams, $2
$1/2 General Mills Cereals, printable
(makes it $1.50)

Kashi Cereals, $2.99
$1/1 Kashi Go Lean Cereal, printable
(makes it $1.99)

Felippo Berio 25.3oz Olive Oil, $5.99
$1/1 Filippo Berio, printable
$1/1 Filippo Berio, Upromise e-coupon
(makes it $3.99)

San Giorgio Pasta, $1.19
.50¢/1 San Giorio Quick Cook pasta, printable
(makes it .69¢)

Thomas' 12pk English Muffins, $1.99

Foodtown White Bread, $1.19

Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, $1.50
.50¢/1 Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, printable
(makes it $1)

Foodtown 15oz Breadcrumbs, .99¢

Apple & Eve Cranberry Blends, $2.99
$1/2 Apple & Eve Cranberry Blends, printable
(makes it $2.49)

Fruit 2 O 6pk, $2.99
.55¢/1 Fruit2O 6pk, printable
(makes it $2.44)

JollyTime Popcorn, $2
$1/2 JollyTime Popcorn, printable
(makes it $1.50)


Seedless Green Grapes, $1.49/lb

Sweet Potatoes, .99¢/lb

Russet Potatoes 5lb, $1.88

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