Monday, January 3, 2011

A few new features...

A few new features were added to the site this morning that I hope you'll take advantage of. The first is a search box that allows you to put in keywords to search for any previous post.

The second feature is a poll. I'm thinking of adding an additional grocery store (or two) to the site. If I don't currently cover your grocery store, please vote on which of the four stores listed you would like me to cover. If the store you like to shop at isn't on that list, shoot me an email at I'll count the email votes as write-ins to tally what the new store should be. The voting ends at the end of the month.

Since a new store will be added soon, this is a great time to invite your friends, family, enemies, and coworkers to check out Brooklyn Bargainista and start saving. Feel free to use the Twitter, Facebook, or email links at the bottom of any post to share it with your friends. Many of the deals posted can be used anywhere in the country (like those half-priced diapers last week), so feel free to share outside of Brooklyn.

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