Monday, January 31, 2011

5/day list for Monday, January 31st

Monday, January 31st
5. Sea Pack
I like to give companies feedback on their products, either positive or negative. In return, they usually either say thank you or send me coupons (for FREE PRODUCTS). I've emailed 3 companies in the past month, and all 3 of them have sent me coupons:

Herr's Chips: (5) .35¢/1 bag of Herr's coupons
Kangaroo Pita Chips: (3) FREE bags coupons
Ssips Drinks: (2) FREE 10pk Juice Box coupons

adding another as of 1/28 @ 12:24pm...
SunButter: (1) FREE sample

I'd like to get more organized about emailing companies, so I'm stealing borrowing and idea from another blog. It's called the 5/day program. I'll post the links to 5 companies' contact pages each day. Email them with your compliments or complaints. You can directly ask for coupons, but you may not be as successful if you do it that way.

Make sure that you include your address in your email signature so that they don't have to email you back to ask where to send your coupons. It should only take about 5-10 minutes of your time each day to send the emails, and you might end up with a big payout.

I'm going to keep a running list at the bottom of this post of all of the companies that I've put in the 5/day program. That way, if you miss a day, you can easily play catch-up. I'll also post whatever I received next to the company's name.

Sunday, January 30th

(A big thanks to Couponing to Disney for the idea and links.)

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