Friday, December 31, 2010

OFFER ENDS AT MIDNIGHT: $425 in Restaurant gift cards for only $10! is a great place to find discounted gift certificates to local restaurants. They usually cost around $10 for a $25 gift card. That's a pretty good deal, but right now you can use the code CLEARANCE at checkout to save 80%. That means that you'll be getting $25 gift cards for only $2 each!!! 

Just wait, it gets better. If you buy 5 gift certificates from, they'll give you a FREE $25 gift certificate to to spend on more gift certificates! They frequently have the gift certificates on sale for $2. Here's the math:

Spend: $10 today on 5 $25 gift certificates
Get: $25 to spend on more gift certificates (The gift certificate will be credited to your account within 48 hours. This will buy 12 when they're on sale)
Total: $10 out of pocket for $425 worth of gift certificates. (less than $5 out of pocket if you're new to ebates)

There is a limit of 5 of these deals per person. So, you could get up to $2,125 in gift cards for a mere $50!!!

If you have a Upromise account, you can save money for college (or help pay off your own loans!) in the process. Click here to sign up for Upromise or to purchase gift cards through Upromise.

Not saving for college? Go through ebates first to get 15% cash back on your purchase at New ebates members also get $5 for signing up.

I usually buy 10-12 anyway when they're at this price (the total is less than $25) and just keep them in my wallet. Then, when I'm out shopping (or forget to take something out for dinner), I can eat a nice meal out on the cheap.


  1. Do you know when this deal expires?

  2. Tomorrow (12/31) is the last day to take advantage of the deal. It will take 48 hours for you to get your $25 credit, so I'd recommend just holding onto that until the next super-sale. I'm an affiliate of, so they email me all of their deals.


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