Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reef Sandals for 65% off

Yeah, I know there are 4-5ft. snow drifts outside and some of us are still waiting to be plowed out, but this was too good of a deal not to share. These REEF sandals (normally almost $50) are on sale for less than $20 today. They've got a beer bottle opener underneath, which turns into quite the conversation starter at summer parties. My husband has a pair and LOVES them. The ladies version has a pull-out pocket that will hide a key, money, or a couple of credit cards. You want to make sure you select one of the "fanning" styles to get the extra features.

Other items in the summer sale include:
Swimwear up to 80% Off
Sunglasses up to 80% Off
Sandals up to 80% Off

I'm thinking a new bathing suit, a new pair of sandals, and a trip to an indoor water park is a great way to avoid cabin fever. :)

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