Thursday, December 2, 2010 amazing savings deal

Ok, you've got to do a little work for this one, but it'll be worth it, trust me. I just found out that you have to do the work TOMORROW. The Groupon isn't good the same day that you purchase it. All of the info below will still be valid tomorrow, but grab your Groupon today before it disappears.

1. Grab the RedEnvelope Groupon ($30 worth of items for only $15)

2. Go through ebates to get 6% cash back on your purchase (new ebates users will get $5 for signing up)

3. When you get to, use the promo code REDTIER to save 10% on all orders, 15% on $80+ and 20% on $125+

4. Pay with your Groupon.

Here's an example:

I spent $15 on the $30 Groupon.

This wine tote sells for $39.99 at
-10% from coupon code = $35.99
-Groupon = $5.99+tax spent at

Here's the math (feel free to ask questions in the comments if it's hard to follow):

you'll get 6% back on the $35.99 through ebates, making it $33.83, plus another $5 if you're new to ebates

At the end of the day, you'll spend $5.99 plus tax on and $15 on Groupon, but you'll end up with $7.15 in your ebates account. ebates will send you a check Feb. 1st for the money.

So your total, after ebates and not including tax on is $13.83, for a $40 gift.

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