Tuesday, December 14, 2010

$10 credit at No More Rack makes BVLGARI $18 (reg. $92)!!!

Have you used No More Rack yet? Basically, it's a website that has 8 new, great deals on high-end products every day. One of their deals today is a $92 bottle of BVLGARI for only $28. When you sign up for no more rack, they put $10 in your account to use on your purchase (you don't have to use the $10 tonight).

If you even think that you might ever shop at this online store, go ahead and take advantage of the free $10 credit. It's starting to get posted in a lot of places on the internet right now, so it may not last long.

When you sign up, they're going to give you a code (mine was P1070, but yours may be different) to get the $10 off at checkout. Make a note of the code. Then, click on My Profile at the top of the page and then My Credits on the left. You can enter the code there so that it's in your account.

(thanks, Passion for Savings!)

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