Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Cash Back When Shopping Online

If you're planning on doing a large amount (or any amount) of online shopping this year, you may want to register with one or more cash back websites (they're all free to join). Here are three that I personally use. I recommend signing up for them now. When I share a good online deal with you, I will put the amount of cash back offered for each of these three sites at the bottom of the deal. Then, if you want to get the cash back, you just have to click the link. These sites will all refer you to the store or manufacturer website to make your purchase.

Ebates - You get $5 when you sign up for ebates. As soon as your account has $5.01, you are eligible for payment. They send checks out every 3 months.

Big Crumbs- They don't give you a bonus for signing up, but they do pay their members on a monthly basis as long as your account balance is at least $5.01. (there's a "Join now, it's free" button on the right side of the page)

Shop at Home They offer a $5 bonus for signing up, and they send out checks on a monthly basis, provided that your balance is at least $20. (click "Join Now" in the top right corner of their site)

The cash back amounts will usually range between 2% and 35% on each purchase. Here's an example using a LeapFrog Explorer.

$59.99 at Leapfrog.com
3% cash back through Ebates (makes it $58.19, or $53.19 for new members)
2.4% cash back through Big Crumbs (makes it $58.55)
4% cash back through Shop at Home (makes it $57.59, or $52.59 for new members)

It's only a little bit each time you shop, but since they each have almost every retailer under the sun, it will add up quickly.

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