Thursday, October 13, 2011

Super-cheap kitchen decorations

Recently, I found myself browsing through some personalized vinyl decals (they were part of a SaveMore deal) and found one that I LOVED! Unfortunately, my oldest daughter's name had too many characters to fit their design so I wasn't able to purchase it.

Since I'm pretty frugal and pretty crafty, I decided to whip up something myself. It's a fork, a spoon, and three sporks. Each utensil has a family member's name on it (I'm the spoon, lol). I think it will look great hanging in the kitchen. I haven't decided if I'm putting it in a 5-photo frame (shown below) or into 5 individual frames, but I'm getting all of my 4x6 prints for free at Target this weekend (click here for the free photo offer).

I loved the design from Sissy Little (left), but I also love the framed images. So... why am I telling you this??? I'm telling you this because YOU can create your own art... for pennies!!!! If I go with the cheap, black IKEA frames, this will look great and, in total, only will have cost me less than $9 to have cute, personalized art in my kitchen.

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