Friday, August 12, 2011

FREE Teeth Whitening Pen! I have 3 of these!!!

Get a FREE teeth whitening pen on SaveMore today! I took advantage of this freebie the last time it was offered. These pens really work and they're a great size to keep in a cosmetics bag.

If you've already spent your $10 sign-up credit on a freebie, you have a few options to get another $10:

  1. Click here to sign up using a different email address... OR
  2. Use your referral link to refer yourself (you'll need another email address for this one as well). When you purchase this deal with your second (new) SaveMore account using the $10 sign-up credit, your old (referring) SaveMore account will receive ANOTHER $10 credit. It's a great way to double-dip!
  3. Tell a friend about SaveMore and this freebie. Within about 30 minutes of them signing up, you'll get another $10 credit to use!

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