Monday, August 15, 2011

FREE Slap Watch on SaveMore

I know you know how much I love SaveMore!!! Today they have a deal on slap watches (like those old-school slap bracelets, except that there's a watch). The deal is that you get a watch from Slap Gear for only $7. Since SaveMore gives you a $10 sign-up credit, this deal will be FREE (shipping is free too!)

I have 4 of these from the last time SaveMore offered this freebie. The quality seems high enough that they will most definitely get lost before they get broken. ;-) I'm planning to use them for stocking stuffers!
Click here to check out the deal.

Have you already used your $10 sign up credit??? Here are a few ways to get ANOTHER $10:
  1. Click here to sign up using a different email address... OR
  2. Use your referral link to refer yourself (you'll need another email address for this one as well). When you purchase this deal with your second (new) SaveMore account using the $10 sign-up credit, your old (referring) SaveMore account will receive ANOTHER $10 credit. It's a great way to double-dip!
  3. Tell a friend about SaveMore and this freebie. Within about 30 minutes of them signing up, you'll get another $10 credit to use!

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