Thursday, August 4, 2011

$10 off a $20 purchase at Babies R Us

Hurry and sign up for Offermatic to get a FREE $5 footlong at Subway restaurants. Click here to get started.

If you'd rather, you can choose to get $10 off a $20 purchase at Babies R Us for signing up. Click here for the Babies R Us offer.

Basically, when you sign up for Offermatic, you connect your debit and credit cards with them, giving Offermatic READ ONLY access to your credit card. (I used my Amex card to see how it works and I actually just logged into my Amex account and didn't even have to give them my card number). Offermatic reviews your purchase history and gives you offers based on your past purchases. When you do one of the offers (ex. Buy a footlong at Subway), they will credit money ($5 in that case) to your card.

It's the easiest cash back/rewards program I've seen and I love that the money just goes right back to your card. Here's a fancier view of how Offermatic works.

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