Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three Guys From Brooklyn, June 15th-June 20th

Here are this week's specials at Three Guys from Brooklyn. Even if you're not local, check out these prices!!! I know it takes a little bit of extra effort to stop off at another store in addition to your normal grocery store, but the prices for produce at places that specialize in produce are worth the extra effort!

For the sake of comparison, here are the best produce prices for some of the same items at grocery stores this week:
Apples- $1.49/lb
Cantaloupes- $1.66 each
Watermelons- .79¢/lb

Let's say you only purchased 2lbs of apples, one cantaloupe, and 2lbs of watermelon. Your savings from shopping at Three Guys would be $3.27. Of course, most of us have families to feed. Once you throw in the potatoes, onions, tomatoes, grapes, etc., the savings really, really adds up.  

I'm sure you'll find similar savings at other produce places. Three Guys just happens to be my favorite store because it's always extremely fresh and low-priced.

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  1. Just got an email from 3 Guys about our loyalty cards! Doubled rewards to $10 after 500 points...

    "We wanted to thank you all for being our customers, but we know, $'s speak louder than words – so to say thank you to all of our loyal customers, we've DOUBLED the $'s you get for your points.

    You will now get a $10 gift certificate for every 500 points you collect.

    If you've signed up for our loyalty program online or mobile, please remember to PICK UP YOUR CARD AT THE STORE, so you can start collecting points."


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