Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Guys From Brooklyn, May 25th-May 30th

I love, love, love, love 3 Guys! Where else can you get fresh peaches for .59¢/lb or cherries for only $1.99/lb. If you're local, check them out! If you're not local, start buying your produce from a local produce store/stand. You will almost always find that you were overpaying at the grocery store.

Here's another tip: If you have kids, take them to the produce stand and let them pick something out and then let them help you prepare it. If they're involved in the whole process, chances are, they'll be more willing to eat their veggies.

Here are this week's deals:

Coney Island Sweet Corn, .25¢/ear
Bing Cherries, $1.99/lb
Large Red Peppers, .79¢/lb
Hard Ripe Plum Tomatoes, .69¢/lb
Ripe Sweet Cantaloupes, .99¢ each
Honey Sweet Southern Peaches, .59¢/lb
California Romaine Lettuce, .50¢/head
Red River Seedless Whole Watermelons, .33¢/lb
Hamburger & Hot Dog Bun 8pks, .99¢ each
Frito Lays Chips, B1G1 FREE
Tostios Chips or Salsa, $2.50
Turkey Hill 64oz Iced Tea, $1.50
Nathan's Hot Dogs 1lb pkg, $3.49

In addition to these deals, they also usually have the best prices on milk, eggs, and orange juice.

FYI: 3 Guys does not accept manufacturer's coupons.

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