Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Coupons for Boneless Chicken

There are a few really, really good coupons on this morning. Two are for Foster Farms brand chicken breasts. There's also one for Hungry Jack pancake mix and another for Stella Cheese. Use zip 90210 to find the coupons.

I've heard that Foster Farms is carried at Walmart and Target stores. I haven't seen their products at the local grocery stores (I rarely make it to Walmart or Target), so I'm going to call this morning and see if any of the local grocery stores carry their products. If you'd like to call and see where you can find this near you, here's their info:

UPDATE- I contacted Foster Farms and received the following message:  

Thank you for taking the time to contact our Foster Farms Consumer Affairs Department.  Unfortunately, our fresh chicken and fresh turkey products are only available on the west coast.  The only products of ours that you might be able to find in your area are our corn dogs and some of our frozen fully cooked chicken items (ex. Nuggets, hot n’ spicy wings, etc.). 

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