Thursday, April 7, 2011

B1G1 Free Minor League Baseball Tickets

I'm so excited about this B1G1 Free Minor League ticket offer from Kraft Singles. My kids are only 2 & 3 and my hubby is itching to take them to a Yankee's game. This will let us do an inexpensive trial run at a Brooklyn Cyclone's game. You never know when kids that young will have a meltdown!

The offer is only valid on Tuesdays and some exclusions apply. Unfortunately, it is NOT valid in Allentown, Dayton, Frisco, Indianapolis, Lansing, Montgomery, Pasco, Reno, Spokane, Tacoma, or Vancouver.

I checked a couple of minor league team's websites and I'm not seeing anything about this listed there. I'll see if I can find out some more info for all of us. Until then, start saving your Kraft Singles wrappers!

(thanks, Sweet Pennies from Heaven)

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