Thursday, March 17, 2011

RARE manufacturer's coupons for Passover foods

This week's Pathmark ad has a few manufactuerer's coupons for Passover foods (pgs 11-13). Since these are manufacturer's coupons, they should scan and be accepted at ANY store that takes coupons. So, if you don't shop at Pathmark, you can take these with you to your favorite store. If these coupons match up to any other store's ad in the next few weeks, I will be referencing them as they are listed below. Here's the list:

$2/1 5lb Box Streit's Matzos, Pathmark 3/18
$1/1 Manischewitz Passover Egg Matzo, Pathmark 3/18
$1/1 Manischewitz Passover Matzo Meal 27oz, Pathmark 3/18
$1/1 Manischewitz 10oz Macaroons, Pathmark 3/18
$1/2 Season Sardines, Pathmark 3/18
.75¢/1 Osem Bamba/Bissli Multipack 6oz, Pathmark 3/18
.75¢/1 Osem Soup Seasoning Mix 14.1oz, Pathmark 3/18
.75¢/1 Streit's Egg Matzos, Pathmark 3/18
.50¢/1 Streit's Meal or Farfal, Pathmark 3/18

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