Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joy Dish Soap for 32¢/bottle (includes shipping)!!!

Joy Non-Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, Lemon Scent, 14 Ounce (Pack of 25)

***UPDATE: I just checked to see if the price had changed and it has. It is now up to $3.66. It's still a good deal at about 46¢/bottle when you factor in the cost of shipping, but if the price goes any higher, I wouldn't advise getting the deal. It's not too difficult to get dishwashing soap for 50¢-75¢ when you match sales and coupons.***

Holy cow this is a good deal!!! Twenty-five 14oz bottles of Joy Dish Detergent for only $1.29. You'll have to pay shipping, so it works out to just over $8 total. That's only 32¢/bottle!!! Click here to take advantage of this deal.  I know space is at a premium, but if you don't have enough storage, I bet you can find a friend who will give you $4 for 13 bottles of detergent.

I just bought 2 since they only charge shipping once. So, that's 50 bottles of Joy for only $12.22, or .24¢/bottle. :) Now, to find a place to stick 'em.

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