Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to get 19 bags of BBQ Potato Chips for a NICKEL- TOTAL!!!

There's a Groupon available today for $15 worth of goods from for only $5. If you are a new EBATES user and you go through EBATES to purchase this Groupon, you will not only receive 3% cash back (.15¢), but you'll also receive $5 for signing up for EBATES.

Once Groupon emails you your promo code, go to and put 19 bags of Deep River Mesquite BBQ Chips in your bag. Your total will be $15.20. Your Groupon will take $15 off of your purchase, and you'll need to spend .20¢ on the Snack Warehouse website.

Here's the final math:
Spent at Groupon: $5
Spent at Snack Warehouse: .20¢
Cash back for Groupon purchase: -.15¢
Bonus for new EBATES signup: -$5
So, that's $5.20 out of your pocket and Ebates is giving you back $5.15. Your total for all 19 bags (it showed a shipping charge of $0 when I did this), is a NICKEL!!!!

Are you already using EBATES? It's still a great deal at .27¢/bag!

This is an NYC Groupon, but since it's for an online company, anyone can use it. :)

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