Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three Guys from Brooklyn, 2/16-2/21

I feel like such a dope! In all the sickness floating around our house over the past few weeks (go away colds!!!), I completely missed posting the Three Guys ad. This one is good through tomorrow (Monday) evening at 7pm. I will post the new ad on Tuesday of this week.

Three Guys is the ONLY place I purchase produce. Not only is it the lowest price I can find, but it's the freshest I've seen. My grandparents are farmers and my father is a VP in one of the country's largest fertilizer companies. I know produce. You can tell the place is great when you walk in the door without even looking at their food... the (fast-moving) lines goes from the registers to the back wall of the store!

In addition to their low prices, they also advertise in the ValPak mailer. The 2nd photo below is an image of their new ValPak coupons. These hit your mailbox on Tuesday, the 15th. There is a great coupon to get a $5 Three Guys gift card when you spend $20. Just text FRUIT to 51684. You'll need to show your phone to the cashier to redeem the offer.


  1. Wow, those prices are great. Nothing around here even comes close to those great prices.

  2. That's why I don't even bother walking though the produce section at my local grocery stores. Occasionally, I'll find a price at a grocery store that I can tolerate enough to put in the weekly matchup list, but it's never as good as a 3Guys price.

    Where are you located, Michelle?

  3. Nevermind. You live in Florida, land of the Publix. I'm so jealous!!! I lived in FL my entire life until this past August. I love NYC, but they're missing out by not having Publix stores here... and I'm missing my weekly Publix sub. :)


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