Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A new code worth 15 Swagbucks: Good until 2pm PST

If you are signed up for Swagbucks, click here to get a super-easy 15 bucks. If you're not signed up, read the info below. Its an easy way to earn gift cards and prizes. You've got nothing to lose. Once you find the code, you just need to enter it into the Gimme box on the Swagbucks homepage.

My goal this year is to earn enough gift cards through Swagbucks to pay for the majority of my family's Christmas gifts. I'm currently averaging a $5 gift card every 1-2 weeks. So far this year, I've gotten $20, but I should get another $5 in the next day or so...

Usually, when you sign up, you get 30 Swagbucks, but right now, they'll give you an additional 50 when you enter the code BirthdayClip.

Swagbucks is a free, online search engine powered by Google and that gives you points (called Swagbucks) for your normal internet searches. Points can then be redeemed for online goodies. I usually redeem mine for $5 gift cards since they're only 450 Swagbucks. Plus, you can find almost anything on Amazon. There are tons of prizes and gift cards that cost less than 450 bucks, but I always choose Amazon.

You can also earn Swagbucks by taking a daily 1-question poll on their site, by having the toolbar installed on your browser, and by watching short videos. If you tell your friends about Swagbucks, you'll earn every Swagbuck they earn up to the first 1000. Sign up today, then go tell your friends. I signed my husband up. Every time they release a new code, I put it in my account and then go put it in his account. So, he gets the points and I get double points.

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