Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5/day Hints

I posted the surprises that came in my mailbox yesterday and a friend commented that we must be saying different things to these companies because all she got were "thank you" emails. While I've gotten a few "thank you" emails, I've mostly gotten emails back that not only said "thank you", but also said that they'd be sending me coupons. I want you all to get the same goodies that I'm getting, so here are a few tips on the 5/day program.

For any type of email you're sending, try to keep it short. I'd go with less than 10 sentences, but try to stay closer to 5.

Complimenting their product

  1. Every email I send starts with the line, "I just wanted to tell you how much my family loves your product.
  2. I try to put in a little info about myself. 
    • Sometimes it's that I switched back to their brand after being away for awhile.
    • I've put in 2-3 sentence stories about remembering their product from childhood.
    • Just try to put some meat in the middle of your email. They get tons of emails each day and you want yours to stand out from the others.
  3. I always end by thanking them for making such a great product.
Complaint emailsI try not to send complaint emails since most people who contact these companies are complaining about a product. They may request UPC codes and info on your packaging depending on your complaint. However, if you have a valid complaint or issue, try this:
  1. Tell them that you have always enjoyed using their product in the past.
  2. Suggest that maybe you just got a "bad batch".
  3. Let them know that even though you weren't happy this once, you still plan on purchasing their product again to ensure that they didn't change the formula/recipe/etc.
  4. Let them know that you're bummed out about one of your favorite products or a new product you tried not being as good as you remembered or expected. Don't sound angry, just disappointed.
Asking for coupons: This has NEVER worked for me, although I've heard that it's worked for some people.

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