Thursday, January 27, 2011

$5 Credit at Starbucks... there's an app for that :)


Starbucks has just released an iPhone app that will allow you to add money to your Starbucks card. As a bonus, they're giving you $5 the first time you add $25 through the app. Don't have an iPhone? You can still get a free drink on your bday (or your fake bday) by doing #1 below. You'll also earn points every time you use your reloadable Starbucks card that can be redeemed for free drinks.

Here's what you need to do (make sure you already have a Starbucks reloadable card- it can be empty).
1. Click here to sign up for My Starbucks Rewards. 
2. Click here to get the FREE iPhone application.
3. Load $25 onto your Starbucks card using the app and your VISA card. It must be a VISA to get the $5.
4. Starbucks will add another $5.

(thanks, Southern Savers!)

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