Friday, December 10, 2010

Key Food Weekly Ad, 12/10-12/16

This week's Key Foods ad is below. 

B1G1 Free Deals (You can use a coupon on the one you're buying AND on the "free" one. Hit the BACK button to print an extra coupon)

B1G1 Free Athenos Hummus 14oz at $4.19
(makes it $2.10ea)

B1G1 Free WW Smart Ones at $3.49
$1/3 Weight Watchers Smart Ones grilled Flatbreads or Paninis printable
$1/5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones product, October Good Housekeeping magazine
$2/6 Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen products, September Weight Watchers Magazine
$2/8 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Products printable
(buy 8, use $2/8 printable, makes it $1.49ea)

B1G1 Free Betty Crocker Potato Buds, $3.29
(makes it $1.65)

B1G1 Free Ellios Cheese Pizza
(makes it $2.65)

B1G1 Free Pet Ritz Pie Crusts
(makes it $2 ea)

B1G1 Free Tropicana OJ 12oz, $2.99
(makes it $1.50)

B1G1 Free Eggo Pancakes, $3.79
$1/2 Kellogg's Eggo products, 5.3 oz + printable
(makes it $1.39ea)

B1G1 Free Farm Rich French Toast Sticks, $5.99$1 off Farm Rich frozen snacks printable
(makes it $2 ea)

B1G1 Ciao Bella Sorbet Bars, $5.29(makes it $2.65ea)

B1G1 Free Purina Beggin Strips, $3.99
$1 off Purina Beggin Strips, 5 oz +, SS 12/12 (this is with the paper that was put on your doorstep yesterday)
(makes it $1 ea)

5lb Box Tangerines, $3.99

5lb Box Clementines, $3.99

Sweet Cherries, $3.99

Raspberries, Blueberries, or Blackberries, $2
.50/1 Driscoll's berries printable
(makes it $1.50- CHECK BRAND BEFORE YOU BUY)

Fresh Express Salad Kits, $2.99
.50/1 Fresh Express Salad Kits (play the game) printable
(makes it $2.50)


Chicken Cutlets Family Pack, $1.99

Perdue Fully Cooked Chicken 25-26oz pkg, $6.99
$1 off Perdue Oven Ready product, RP 10/17 (exp 12/12)
(makes it $5.99)

Perdue Chicken Fryers, $1.39lb
$1 off Perdue USDA Process Verified whole chicken printable

Sea Pak Heat & Serve Products, $5.99
$1 off SeaPak product, SS 12/12
(makes it $4.99)

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon, $2.50


Breyers Ice Cream 48oz, $2.99 (limit 2)

Florida's Natural Orange Juice 59oz, $2.50

Sorrento Mozzarella Cheese 16oz, $3.99
$1/1 or $3/2, printable
(makes it $2.49-$2.99ea)

Sorrento Ricotta Cheese 48oz, $4.99

$1/1 or $3/2, printable
(makes it $3.49-$3.99ea)

Coffee-Mate Flavored Creamers, $2

$1 off Coffee-mate liquid or powder printable

$1.50 off Coffee-Mate Liquid or Powder, 15 oz + printable

$1/3 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid or Powder Creamer printable

.55/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate liquid, RP 11/14

.55/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate powder, RP 11/14

.75/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid or Powder Creamer printable
(makes it $0.50)

Bailey's Coffee Creamer, $3

$1 off Bailey's Coffee creamer, SS 11/14
(makes it $2)

Sargento Shredded Cheese, $2.50

.40/2 Sargento cheese, SS 11/14 (exp 12/11)
-.50/2 Sargento shredded cheese, SS 11/14 (exp 12/11)
(makes it $2.25)
Kraft Crumbles, $2.50

Kraft Singles, $2.50
.75/2 Kraft Singles, Fall Kraft Food & Family magazine
(makes it $2.13)

Axelrod Yogurt, $0.50

Weight Watchers Yogurt, $0.60
$1/5 Weight Watchers yogurt cups, 6 oz printable 
(makes it $0.40)

40% off Sara Lee Baked Goods (excluding homestyle pies)
$1 off Sara Lee Cheesecake, printable
(makes it roughly $3.50 for a cheesecake)

Bagel Bites 7oz, $2.33

$1 off Bagel Bites product, October 1 Woman's Day magazine
$1 off Bagel Bites product printable
$1 off Bagel Bites snacks, September Parenting Early Years magazine
$1 off Bagel Bites snacks, September Parents magazine
$1 off Bagel Bites snacks, September Redbook magazine
$1 off Bagel Bites Snacks, SS 6/13
$1.50/2 Bagel Bites Snacks, SS 6/13
(makes it $1.33)
TGI Friday's Appetizers, $3.33
$1 off TGI Friday's Anytime Sliders, SS 11/7
$1/4 TGI Friday's Spinach Dip, SS 11/7
(makes it $2.33)
*B3 TGIF or Bagel Bites, G1 Free on your next trip with Club Card
Morning Star Farms, $3.99
$1 off Morningstar Farms Veggie Foods product printable
$1 off Morningstar Product, any printable
$1 off New Morning snacks printable(makes it $2.99)

SuperPretzel Pretzels, $2.50
.50/1 Superpretzel soft pretzel item, RP 12/05
.50/1 Superpretzel soft pretzel printable
.50/1 SuperPretzels product, RP 10/17
.75/1 Superpretzel Soft Pretzels, October All You magazine
(makes it $1.75)
General Grocery
Coke or Sprite 2L $1 (must buy 4)
$1/4 Coca-Cola 2 L or (2) 12 oz 8 pk, Campbell's Kitchen Coupon booklet
-$1/4 Coca-Cola product 2 L or $1/2 product 12 oz 8 pk, Share Something Delicious booklet
(makes it $0.75 ea)
Doritos Tortilla Chips, $2.50
Entenmann's Baked Goods, $2.99

General Mills Cheerios (Strawberry Yogurt Burst 12.2oz, Cluster Crunch 1.3oz, Banana Nut 10.9oz, or Multigrain 2.8oz), $2.50
.75/1 General Mills Frosted, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Fruity, Chocolate, Oat Cluster Crunch, Yogurt Burst or Berry Burst Cheerios cereal printable
(makes it $1.75ea)

Quaker Cap'n Cruch Cereal, $2
.50/1 General Mills Cap'n Crunch cereal, RP 8/29
(makes it $1.50)

Kellogg's Corn Pops 9.2oz, Froot Loops or Apple Jacks 8.7oz, $2.50
$1/2 Kellogg's Kids' Cereals printable
(makes it $2)

Kellogg's Pop Tarts $2
$1/3 Kellogg's Pop-Tarts printable
(makes it $1.66ea)

Hi-C Juice Boxes, $2

Chock Full O' Nuts Coffee 10.3-11.3oz cans, $2.50
.75/1 Chock Full o' Nuts product, SS 10/31 (exp 12/15)
(makes it $1.75)

Minute Maid Juice Boxes, $2.50

Ssips Juice 10pks, $1.66

Bromley Tea Bags 8oz, $1.79

Apple Dandy 64oz Apple Juice, $1.50

Welch's Grape Juice 96oz, $4.99

$1 off Welch's Light Concord grape juice, 64 oz printable
(makes it $3.99)
Smucker's Preserves, $2.50 (these are also showing up as $2 in another section of the ad)
.35/1 Smucker's Jam, Jelly or Preserves, RP 11/7
(makes it $2.15)

Smart Balance Peanut Butter 16oz, $2.50

Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz cans, $1

.50/2 Carnation evaporated milk, RP 11/14
.50/2 Nestle Carnation Evaporated milk, 12 oz, October Family Fun magazine
.50/2 Nestle Carnation Evaporated milk, 12 oz printable
(makes it $0.75)
Duncan Hines Layer Cake Mix 18.25oz, $1.66
$1 off Duncan Hines cake mix printable
(makes it $0.66ea)

Jell-O Instant Pudding, $1

Betty Crocker Pie Crust Mix, $1.50

Gold Medal All Purpos Flour 5lb, $1.50

Duncan Hines Frosting, $2

Domino Baking Sugars 14-16oz, $1.25
.50/2 Domino brown or 10x sugar, 1 lb, RP 11/14
(makes it $1)

Lucky Leaf Apple Pie Filling, $2.99

$1/2 Lucky Leaf pie filling, SS 11/7
-$1/2 Lucky Leaf Pie Filling, Upromise eCoupon printable
-$1/2 Lucky Leaf pie filling printable
(use upromise and printable, makes it $1.99ea)
Red Pack Tomatoes 28-29oz, $1
$1/3 Redpack canned tomatoes printable
(makes it $0.66ea)

Red Pack Tomato Sauce 8oz, $0.25

Red Pack Tomato Paste 6oz, $0.69

Ronzoni Pasta (blue box), $0.80
.50/1 Ronzoni, San Giorgio, Creamette, American Beauty, or Skinner quick cook pasta printable (if included)
(makes it $0.30)

Ronzoni Lasagna (blue box), $0.99
.50/1 Ronzoni, San Giorgio, Creamette, American Beauty, or Skinner quick cook pasta printable (if included)
(makes it $0.50)

Ronzoni Manicotti (blue box), $1.50
.50/1 Ronzoni, San Giorgio, Creamette, American Beauty, or Skinner quick cook pasta printable (if included)
(makes it $1)

100% Pure Kalamata Olive Oil 101oz, $8.99

Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil 101oz, $15.99

Filippo Berio Olive Oil 16.9oz, $3.99

$1 off Filippo Berio Olive Oil, Upromise eCoupon printable
-$1 off Filippo Berio olive oil printable
(use both, makes it $1.99)
Chicken of the Sea Chunk White Tuna, $3

Hellmann's Mayo 22oz, $3.99

.75/1 Hellmann's or Best Foods product, max 30 oz printable(makes it $3.24)

Green Giant Canned Corn Peas, or Green Beans, $0.33

.50/2 Green Giant Canned corn, peas, or green beans, excl Buffet and Specialty, SS 10/24
(makes it $0.08ea)

Snow's Chopped or Minced Clams 6.5oz, $1.50

Progresso Beans, $1

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, $0.75
-.55/2 Kraft Mac 'n Cheese printable
(makes it $0.48ea)

Heinz Cocktail Sauce 12oz, $1.99

French's Fried Onions 2.8oz, $1.99
.50/1 French's French Fried Onions printable
(makes it $1.50)

Kikkoman Soy or Teriyaki Sauce 20oz, $2.99
.50/1 Kikkoman soy sauce printable
(makes it $2.49)

Near East Couscous 5.6-10oz, $1.50
$1/2 Near East Boxes printable
(makes it $1)

Kraft Dressings 16oz, $2.50

B&G Pickles 32oz, $2.50

Gulden's Mustard 12oz, $1.50

Cento Marinated Artichoke Hearts, $1.50

Reese Croutons 5-6oz pkg, $0.99

Libby's Organic Beans, $1.19
.50/2 Libby's canned vegetables printable
(makes it $0.94)

Stove Top Stuffing Mix, $1.50
$1/2 Kraft Stove Top products printable
(makes it $1)

Heinz Gravy 12oz, $1.33

4C Breadcrumbs 46oz, $2.99

Free 4C Breadcrumbs wyb 4C Grated cheese, SS 10/10

Swanson Broth 14oz can, $0.75
.75/5 Swanson broth can, 14 oz +, SS 11/7

Progresso Broth 32oz, $1.99
-$1 off Progresso broth printable
(makes it $0.99)

Nestle Pure Life Water 24pk, $3.99 (limit 1- 2nd at $4.99)
$2/2 Nestle Pure Life purified water multipacks printable
(makes it $3.50ea)

Nabisco Ritz, $2.50

Keebler Chips Deluxe, $2.50

$1 off Keebler Chips Deluxe cookies printable
(makes it $1.50)

Lay's Kettle Cooked, $2.50

Quaker Quakes, $1.66


Wisk Liquid Laundry Detergent 50oz, $4.99

$1 off Wisk Laundry Detergent printable
$1 off Wisk product printable
(makes it $3.99)
Snuggle Fabric Softner 32oz, $3.99

$1 off Snuggle liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets printable
$1 off Snuggle product printable
(makes it $2.99)

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