Monday, December 13, 2010

Jumbo packs of Diapers for $5 at


If you aren't picky about the brand of diapers you buy, this deal is for you! Walgreens brand diapers (regularly $9.99) are B1G1 Free at right now (they received high reviews from people who have bought them in the past). Plus, if you spend more than $40, you can use the code TEN40 at checkout to receive $10 off your order. The size 5 diapers have 27 in the package, so that's a total of 270 diapers for only $46.12 after tax and shipping when you order 10 packages.

You can also go through Ebates to get 8% cash back. New Ebates members also get $5 for signing up.
Without Ebates: $46.12
New Ebates members: $37.43 ($46.12 - $3.69 cash back - $5 new Ebates bonus)
Existing Ebates members: $42.43 ($46.12 - $3.69 cash back)

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