Friday, December 31, 2010

I missed $70 Coach Bags!!!

I'm so angry with myself right now. I just checked to see what their daily deals were. They're rollovers from yesterday (when I forgot to stop by and check their site), and it turns out that I missed the holy grail (in my world anyway) of good deals... $70 Coach bags. My mother-in-law wants one so bad she can taste it and would have loved this. In the future, I'll be more diligent about being on their site at NOON. Every. Day.

They do still have some great offers available today (pictured below) and they do repeat their deals frequently, so...

Step 1Sign up here.
Step 2: Click on My Profile at the top of the page and then My Credits on the left. 
Step 3: Enter the code P1070 to get $10 credited to your account. (I think this is still working. Can one of you check it for me, please?

Buffalo Sleeveless Shirts: Originally $30, Now $7
Cloth Logic Wool Blazer: Originally $125, Now $30
Smashbox Keep it Glowing Kit: Originally $85, now $25

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